Short Sales

Kim Carlson Can Help You!

  • We know how to make the bank say yes! We understand the market price and can quote a competitive price that the bank just cannot say no to.
  • We are confident that we will find you a potential buyer within a very short time of listing your home! Why? Because we have a large client base of potential short sale buyers and investors who are just waiting to make offers on properties where they know the likelihood of the short sale being approved is extremely high.
  • We will teach you how to write a persuasive short sale hardship letter that the bank will accept.
  • We know how to correctly submit your short sale package. Between 75% to 80% of all short sale submissions are never even viewed because of errors in the submission package either being incomplete or with incorrect documentation. Don’t let your package fall into that pile!
  • We have a very detailed Follow-Up System to keep tight control over the Banks. Short Sale transactions take an extended period of time to complete and many agents get overwhelmed or forgetful. Our short sale system allows for a constant organized flow of communication so that there will not be any paperwork or mistakes left unsolved.
  • We know how to better your situation. Selling your home is only part of the overall solution. We know how to negotiate with the bank so that they reduce your credit loss, help avoid personal liabilities.
  • Understands the seller’s time crunch and the bank’s slow response times, and uses it to her advantage to make the lender say Yes to the short sale.
  • Team of experienced short sale specialists to constantly check on the status of your short sale and negotiate with the Bank.
  • Specializes in helping Sellers who need to sell their homes FAST.
*** We strongly advise you to consult with a Tax Accountant and a Real Estate Attorney for tax and legal advice as we are neither. ***